Seaborg Center Offers 'Weekend College for Kids'

Friday 11, 2015

The Seaborg Center at Northern Michigan University will offer “Fall Weekend College for Kids” programs on the following Saturdays: Sept. 26, Oct. 10 and Nov. 21.  The classes will take place from 9 a.m. to noon and the cost is $8 per student per session. To register, visit or call 227-2002. The schedule follows:


Sept. 26

Calling All Superheroes, Grades K-1: Saving the earth from its evil nemesis, Professor Pollution. Use your superpowers to save the earth!

Into the Woods, Grades 2-3: Investigate UP animals and their habitats. Explore tracks, food sources, and other facts about animals around us.

Erosion Demolition, Grades 4-6: Learn how weathering and erosion shape the land around us by building your own sandcastle to exhibit how these natural processes occur.


Oct. 10

Survival Scout, Grades K-1: Learn from your plant and animal friends about how to be a safe in the woods.

Motion Madness Theme Park, Grades 2-3: Design and build the most thrilling rides this theme park has ever seen. Get a look into the world of engineering.

Come Fly Away, Grades 4-6: Design your own airplane and parachute to explore aerodynamics and competing with fellow pilots as you engineer your own vessels.


Nov. 21

Severe Weather Warning, Grades K-1: Build structures strong enough to withhold a storm.

Michigan in the Making, Grades 2-3: Explore your state by creating land forms, digging out the Great Lakes, starting a river and much more.

School of Rock, Grades 4-6: Use the science behind amplitude, frequency, and auto tune to create music. Record top hits with your “band.”


Molly Egelkraut
Student Writer