Marquette Climate Change Task Force Topic of Talk

Thursday 15, 2015

The Northern Climate Network at Northern Michigan University will continue its monthly presentation series with a discussion of Marquette’s Climate Change Adaptation Task Force” on Friday, Oct. 16. Bob Kulisheck, retired NMU political science professor, will give the talk at noon in 1318 Jamrich Hall. The public is invited.

Unlike many other parts of the country, the Upper Peninsula has experienced a series of sub-zero, cold winters and abnormal amounts of lake-effect snowfall, which have been linked with the warming of the Arctic and changes in the jet stream. These “extreme” weather conditions have cost local units of government millions of dollars in operating expenses during the past year. The Marquette County Climate Adaptation Task Force was created to help local leaders and the general public think proactively about the impacts of climate variability and develop strategies that will make the Upper Peninsula more resilient and effective when dealing with the consequences of climate change.

The Northern Climate Network is a student-led, campus-wide consortium providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community members to discuss and learn about climate change in our region. For more information, contact

Cassidy Hinshaw
Student Writer