Invent@NMU Offers Funding for Student Inventors

Tuesday 20, 2015

Invent@NMU has announced financial award opportunities for students who want to bring their product ideas and inventions to consumer markets. With support from John Hebert, NMU Foundation Board of Trustees officer and 1968 graduate, Invent@NMU now offers funding opportunities to assist 68 full-­time students who want to turn their passions into actions. 

Distributed on a “first come, first served” basis, the money will support students who are actively working toward bringing their ideas to market. Seventeen awards will be available every semester for two consecutive years.

Hebert visited Invent@NMU in May. “I came away totally impressed with its purpose and road map for success,” he said. “It brings students from many disciplines together on a common project. It requires students to be self-starters and maintain self-motivation. I decided immediately that this was a program to support.”

Invent@NMU is based on a five­step process: validation, ideation, commercialization, production and operations. These steps help move the idea/invention from napkin to market, but not all are required. The Invent@NMU Student Inventor Fund is intended to assist with the first stages of the process. This gives the inventors the momentum to move forward with their ideas without as many financial barriers.

Justina Liss, a senior entrepreneur student, has been awarded funds to complete the first step in developing her “loose idea” into a physical product. Liss said, “I’m also glad to be on scholarship through the invent program to help cover the costs of bringing the product to life.”

INVENT@NMU specializes in helping people bring their concepts to market. Inventors, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and educators work hand in hand with clients to turn passions into processes. For more information, visit or call 227-6253.

Kristi Evans
News Director

Students at Invent@NMU