Transparency Project Includes Employee Survey

Monday 2, 2015

Transformational change regarding campus-wide decision-making is the goal of NMU’s continuous improvement action project called the Transparency Project. A diverse team of students, faculty and staff is looking to help the university improve trust and communication between NMU decision-makers and campus stakeholders, including more transparent and “best practice” decision-making processes. An all-employee online survey regarding the current state of campus decision-making processes will be disseminated the week of Nov. 9. Employees are strongly encouraged to share their perspectives through this anonymous survey.

A group of Northern administrative leaders initially proposed the Transparency Project. They created its framework while at a Higher Learning Commission Academic Quality Improvement Program (HLC-AQIP) strategy forum last spring, stating they recognize the value and benefits of developing mechanisms to better enhance the clarity, efficiency and overall participation in campus-wide decision making. The project launched in June.

Team members are cataloging existing decision-making processes and employee/student attitudes about trust and communication on campus, as well as opportunities and possible mechanisms for improved dialogue, engagement and change management. The survey being distributed next week will assist in the data-collection process. The committee will provide the campus with a mid-project report at the end of the fall semester. The Transparency Project is scheduled to conclude in December 2016 with a set of recommendations for President Fritz Erickson, updated policies and procedures and new online resources and tools for campus members.

More information about the action project, its committee members and timeline is available on the AQIP website (<>) under current action projects.

This story was prepared by members of the project team.

Kristi Evans
News Director