Michigan Joins National LEAP Initiative

Thursday 26, 2015

Michigan is now a state partner in Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP), a national public advocacy and campus action initiative of the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). LEAP champions the importance of a 21st century liberal education, for individual students and for a nation dependent on economic creativity and democratic vitality.  

“Michigan is delighted to become a LEAP state partner," said Daniel J. Hurley, CEO of the Michigan Association of State Universities. "With AAC&U and the other LEAP states as partners, this initiative will invigorate the further integration of liberal arts education and learning outcomes assessment for the nearly 300,000 students enrolled at the state's 15 public universities.”

The Michigan LEAP effort currently has support from all of the state's public universities. The Michigan Focus on Essential Learning Outcomes (MIFELO) steering committee will provide oversight for this initiative. This group is composed of administrators responsible for general education and/or learning outcomes assessment at the state universities and will work to engage faculty, students, parents, legislators, and business leaders in dialogues on critical issues facing students at these institutions. This steering committee will meet quarterly, elect a chair, vice-chair, and recording secretary to facilitate the meetings.

The Michigan Association of State Universities will provide centralized assistance with the state’s LEAP initiative. The association serves as the coordinating board for the state’s public universities, providing advocacy and fostering policy to maximize the collective value these institutions provide in serving the public interest and the state of Michigan. The Association will provide communications facilitation, convening coordination and, as appropriate, assistance with program development in carrying out the state’s LEAP agenda. 

“AAC&U is very pleased to welcome Michigan to LEAP,” said AAC&U President Carol Geary Schneider. “AAC&U and the Michigan Association of State Universities share a passion for advocating for liberal education for all students—through studies in science, humanities, the arts, and the social sciences. We are delighted to work with Michigan to ensure that college students throughout the state receive the best possible preparation for purposeful work and citizenship, and flourishing lives.”

For more information about the LEAP States Initiative, see: www.aacu.org/leap/states, and for information about LEAP Michigan, please refer to: www.aacu.org/leap/states/michigan.

This is a joint press release from the AAC&U and the Michigan Association of State Universities.

Kristi Evans
News Director