Ferrarini and Teachers Promote Economic Education in Tokyo

Tuesday 7, 2017

Tawni Ferrarini, Sam M. Cohodas Professor at NMU, brought two Michigan educators on her most recent trip to Tokyo, where they promoted integrating economics throughout the K-12 system using the U.S. model. She was accompanied by Nancy Usitalo, a 3rd grade teacher at Sandy Knoll in Marquette, and Derek D'Angelo, Utica High School teacher and president of the Michigan Council on Economic Education. The trio ran workshops, led elementary and middle school classrooms, and met with superintendents and teachers. The trip was sponsored by the Council on Economic Education-Japan and funded by the Japan Ministry of Education.  

Kristi Evans
News Director

From left: Ferrarini, D'Angelo, Usitalo and Yoshi Nakamoto, CEE-Japan president