Food Insecurity Committee Formed

Tuesday 7, 2017

The Associated Students of Northern Michigan University has established an independent Food Insecurity Committee to explore starting a food bank for NMU students. The committee released a survey to students, faculty and staff. If the results determine there is a need, the next step will be finding a suitable location for a food bank and configuring a distribution process.

Alongside Dean of Students Christine Greer, ASNMU Vice President Connor Loftus formed the Food Insecurity Committee, which has approximately nine members made up of ASNMU members and non-members.

If the project moves forward, ASNMU plans to fundraise and host food drives to help stock the food bank.

“Michigan Tech has a whole network to fight hunger, known as the Husky Food Access Network,” said Loftus. “They have a food pantry, emergency meals at Public Safety and a meal pass sharing program. When I started talking about creating a similar program at NMU, I had several ASNMU members say that they were aware of students who would benefit from it.”

Since the Food Insecurity Committee is still in its planning phase, there is no estimated date for the food bank opening.  


Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer