NMU Grad and Author Featured in Magazine

Wednesday 8, 2017

Author Andrew Hilleman, who received his MFA from Northern, is featured in Interview magazine for his debut novel, World, Chase Me Down. The book revolves around historical figure Pat Crowe, who was the most wanted man in America in 1900. The out-of-work former butcher kidnapped the teenage son of Omaha’s wealthiest meatpacking tycoon for a ransom of $25,000 in gold. Crowe then “burgled, safe-cracked and bond-jumped his way across the country and beyond, inciting a manhunt and a showdown in the court of public opinion between the haves and have-nots—all the while plotting a return to the woman he never stopped loving.” To see the interview, click here. To read an excerpt from the novel featured in Northern Magazine, click here.

Kristi Evans
News Director

Book cover