Black History Month Presentations at NMU

Thursday 9, 2017

Carter Wilson, head of Northern Michigan University's Political Science Department, will present two public lectures as part of Black History Month. One will compare the impact of progressive and reactionary intellectual traditions on social inequity and racial oppression. The other will focus on race and the U.S. justice system.

Both presentations are scheduled from 5-6:30 p.m in 1322 Jamrich Hall on their respective dates.

"The Myth of American Exceptionalism" will be held Thursday, Feb. 16. Wilson argues that the progressive intellectual tradition led to improvements related to social inequality and racial oppression, whereas the reactionary tradition enabled and promoted social inequality and racial oppression.

"Is the U.S. Criminal Justice System Racist?" will be held on Thursday, Feb. 23. Wilson will review the scholarly literature on race and the justice system and let the audience reach its own conclusion.

Kristi Evans
News Director