NMU Grad is NDSU Business Dean

Friday 10, 2017

Northern Michigan University alumnus Scott Beaulier is in his first year as dean of the College of Business at North Dakota State University. An economist by training, Beaulier said he is one of the youngest in the nation to hold such a position. According to his website, he has “spent his career engaged in understanding and advocating for policies that foster dynamic, vibrant economies that best allow businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.”

While at NMU, Beaulier was involved in economics and history clubs, where faculty advisers helped students learn outside of the classroom. Economics Professor David Prychitko held weekly reading groups to help Beaulier prepare for graduate school and the two co-authored an academic article. Tawni Ferrarini, Sam M. Cohodas Professor, had Beaulier work as a summer research assistant and took him to Chicago to tour the Federal Reserve.

“Those unique experiences with professors have stuck with me,” Beaulier said. “NMU offered everything I needed to succeed in graduate school and throughout my career. I find myself thinking about ways to make our programs at NDSU the transformative experience for undergraduates that I enjoyed at NMU.”

Beaulier’s advice to current and prospective NMU students is to study broadly and read deeply.

“Some of my best experiences were when I just went searching for courses to take. The world today is shaped less by how much information we have, as most facts are simply a Google search away, and shaped more by curiosity. My advice to students is to embrace that curiosity.”

Beaulier obtained his doctorate in economics from George Mason University. He contributes a monthly column to Emerging Prairie, an e-magazine for entrepreneurs. Follow him on Twitter @ScottABeaulier.

Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer