NMU Quiz Bowl Claims Highest Sectionals Finish

Wednesday 15, 2017

Northern Michigan University Quiz Bowl recorded its best-ever finish at sectionals at the recent tournament held in Minneapolis. Senior Annika Peterson finished her quiz bowl career with second place in individual scoring among all Division II players with an average of 63 points per game. That is the equivalent of answering about one-third of all questions, said Michael Joy, faculty adviser and coach.

NMU's A squad competed in Division I, which is for players with previous national-level experience. The B and C squads competed in Division II, which is for all players. Northern's B team finished second among 14 teams and behind first-place University of Minnesota. This was NMU’s highest finish at any sectional.

“This tournament was the first time the B team configuration of four had played together, and it worked out really well for us,” said Kendal Plapp, NMU Quiz Bowl co-president.

The B team finished ahead of regional powerhouses Carleton College, Lawrence University and Macalester College. The A squad finished fifth out of six teams. 

“Our C squad was comprised of four brand-new players, all first-year
students," Joy said. "They finished in 13th. We were quite happy that all of our squads
finished ahead of our friendly rivals from [Michigan] Tech."

NMU senior Paul Flaminio from NMU finished 8th in individual scoring among all Division I players.

Cassidy Hinshaw
Student Writer

Front row L-R: Sabrina Nelson, Kendal Plapp, Emily Burghardt, Anna Massaro and Annika Peterson. Back row L-R: Michael Joy, Eric Pitz, Dimitri Capers, Kevin Miltenberger, Paul Flaminio and Paul LaPlant