Strategic Resource Allocation Task Forces Announced

Friday 17, 2017

Faculty and staff members comprising the two Strategic Resource Allocation project task forces (Academic Task Force and Support Task Force) have been identified. Members of each will undergo two days of training facilitated by consultant Larry Goldstein of Campus Strategies LLC. Each task force is charged with analyzing and evaluating either NMU academic programs or support services based on specified criteria. Their assessments will be used to develop recommendations on university investment priorities.

The academic task force is composed of 75 percent faculty and 25 percent department heads. The support services task force features a 75 percent staff/25 percent faculty mix.

Members of the Academic Task Force are:

Carol Johnson, Business Mike Strahan, AIS-Library Jane Milkie, Art & Design Erich Ottem, Biology Jes Thompson, Communication and Performance Studies Lori Nelson, Clinical Science Laura Reissner, Education Cale Polkinghorne, Engineering Tech David Wood, English Maggy Moore, Health and Human Performance Rebecca Ulland, Modern Languages and Literatures Mark Flaherty, Music Michelle Johnson, Nursing Chris Kibit, Technology and Occupational Sciences Dave Donovan, Physics Carter Wilson, Political Science Keith Kendall, History Mike Andary, Technology and Occupational Sciences Paul Mann, Clinical Science Brent Graves, Biology

Members of the Support Task Force are:

Tim Schirtzinger, Facilities Pam Johnson, Financial Services Mary Brundage, Dean of Students Office Eric Smith, Broadcast/AV Services Tricia Bush, Campus Recreation Jeff Korpi, Housing/Residence Life Jingfang Niu, Biology Lennette Pynnonen, Registrar’s Office Michelle Inman, Communication and Performance Studies Brad Hamel, Extended Learning/Community Engagement Mindy Nannestad, Extended Learning Virgina MacDonald, Financial Aid Stacey Deloose, AIS-Instructional Design Technology Brian Larson, Business Intelligence Julie Rochester, Health and Human Performance Michael Joy, Modern Languages and Literatures/Honors Program Kevin McDonough, AIS-Library Denise Hughes, AFSCME President/Plant Operations Suzy Swanson, TOP President/Academic Information Services         

An additional member may be added to the Support Task Force.

Provost Kerri Schuiling and Vice President of Finance and Administration Gavin Leach co-chair the Coordinating Committee, which will oversee the process. They are joined by the president, vice presidents, dean of students, ASNMU president Tristan Ruiz, Brandon Sager of Engineering and Planning, professor Alec Lindsay of Biology and assistant professor Heidi Blanck of construction management.

More information and updates on the “Planning for Distinction” SRA process can be found at



Kristi Evans
News Director