Muslim Awareness Forum at NMU

Wednesday 1, 2017

A Muslim Awareness Forum will take place at 3 p.m. Friday, March 3, in the Marquette Room of the University Center at Northern Michigan University. Presentations will address Muslim beliefs, practices and lifestyle and offer a comparison with other religions. Political Science Department Head Carter Wilson and History Department Head Keith Kendall will speak at the event. The public is invited.

“The goal of this event is to educate people about Muslims and some of their ways of life,” said student Samanthia Johnson. “In light of what is currently going on in the country, this event will hopefully alter some of the misconceptions and stereotypes people might have about Muslims. We are hoping to host another forum at least once more before the end of the semester.”

The Multicultural Education and Resource Center will host this free event along with Philosophy Professor Golam Azam and the Muslim Student Association. For more information, contact Johnson at

Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer