Arts Chorale Raises NMU Visibility in Lower Michigan

Thursday 16, 2017

The NMU Arts Chorale returned from a successful spring break tour, with visits to high schools in the Grand Rapids and Detroit areas and performances at local churches. The NMU students sang for classes, listened to the schools’ vocal ensembles, fielded questions and shared their positive experiences at NMU. Erin Colwitz, director of choral activities, and Robert Engelhart, head of the Music Department, also delivered vocal instruction to the high school students.

“It was an honor to go on this recruiting trip for my beloved department,” said Megan O’Connor, a music major from Midland. “The week of touring provided nonstop training and strengthening of my voice. It also provided an opportunity to get to know my fellow choir members better, which made us stronger as a choir.

"But the thing I enjoyed most was being on the bus for eight-plus hours and picking the brains of Dr. Colwitz and Dr. Engelhart. I learned how they got where they are now, why they make certain musical decisions and other important lessons I would never get out of a book. This trip created lifelong memories for me.”

The Chorale performed a mini-concert on Saturday, March 11, at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Grand Rapids and hosted a reception afterward for students and alumni. Members also sang at Sunday Mass at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Kent County.

Accompanist Lynn Koski Lanczy and Rusty Bowers, NMU Music Department publicity manager, also traveled with the Arts Chorale.

Kristi Evans
News Director

Arts Chorale sings at a high school

Cathedral performance