Students Pitch, Perform TV Pilot Ideas

Friday 21, 2017

Northern Michigan University’s episodic screenwriting students will present a “Binge-Worthy TV” presentation of original TV pilot pitches and short performances from 6-9 p.m. Monday, May 1, at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

Students will pitch the TV shows by explaining the premise of each show. They will also perform a scene or monologue from each episode.

“You can think of the performance as a live trailer for the show,” said English Professor Monica McFawn. “The performance's purpose is to celebrate the students' hard work over the course of the semester and to help them practice pitching their ideas, since creating compelling pitches is an essential part of attracting the attention of Hollywood agents, networks and other decision makers.”

The free presentation will include the following student-created titles: Office Hours; Flamingo Palace; Blackjack; Eben Junction; Entranced; Foretold; Mezza Morta; Ella and Jade; and Jazz, Curiosity and Aliens.

Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer