Provost Gives Strategic Resource Allocation Update

Monday 1, 2017

I hope all is going well for you as you prepare for the end of the academic year and the beginning of summer. Hopefully summer will find its way to Marquette soon!

I am providing an update on the SRA progress. I will be providing the same update to our BOTs when they are here this week. A lot has been happening and so to be concise I am providing a bulleted list.

Facilitation Team chaired by Dale Kapla:  Identified 250 support programs and approximately 350-400 academic programs that will undergo review. Recall the definition of a program is an activity or collection of activities of the institution that consume(s) resources (dollars, people, space, equipment, time) Is currently identifying sources of data that will be needed for the review (student records, financial data, methodology for allocation needs, etc.) When all data are identified they will be piped into the templates (which will be fillable online) so that there is no need for the person(s) Report authors will not be asked to collect any additional data Piping data into the templates (after all data are identified) will take approximately 4 weeks Support Task Force co-chaired by Tricia Bush and Jeff Korpi 250 programs to review Template is in final draft form and is being tested Once feedback is received a copy will be on the Share Site. Plan to release the templates to respective departments on June 1st. Note: timeline is dependent on receipt of data from IR and Facilitation Team Academic Task Force co-chaired by Carol Johnson and David Wood 350-400 programs to review Established 4 subcommittees: template, data, DH and faculty survey/Qualtrics development, and DH and faculty template training Testing of a draft template is planned for early to mid-May Physics, History, and Political Science volunteered to test the template prior to large scale release Final revision of the template will occur following testing


As you can observe, the timeline originally posted is changing, particularly for the Academic Review. The goal is to do this carefully and have the right data and information reviewed when outcomes and recommendations are made. As President Erickson says “we can do this fast, or we can do it right.” I feel confident we all agree with him.

The Task Forces will continue to meet over the summer and I will continue with updates. We will have a forum update early in September but for now….enjoy your summer and some much needed rest!