NMU Dining Services Serves Up Superior Angus Beef

Monday 22, 2017

Northern Michigan University Dining has entered a partnership with Superior Angus, LLC of Rapid River, Mich. Superior Angus is a fifth-generation family operated farm that was established in 1902 with a foundational focus of having “happy cows.” Brian and Dawn Gustafson and family have dedicated their lives to building a farm that supports pasture-raised cattle with access to pastures and fresh water. Along with Angus cattle and Targhee sheep they grow the hay and corn that they use for animal feed. The feed remains hormone and antibiotic free. This dedication to quality extends to the management of their farmstead, cropping and livestock systems. In fact, Superior Angus, LLC is one of the first beef farms in Delta County to get verified through MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program).


NMU Dining’s goal is to provide guests with a pleasurable dining experience while encouraging a balanced lifestyle, culinary exploration and community interaction. This partnership allows them to support the local economy while providing their guests with high quality, U.P. raised beef.


For further information, please contact:


NMU Dining

Stephanie Raboin




Superior Angus

Brian & Dawn Gustafson
Brian: 906-446-3006
Dawn: 906-235-5853

Stephanie Raboin
Marketing Manager, NMU Dining