Road Projects Impact Campus Traffic Flow

Tuesday 22, 2017

A number of roadway construction projects across campus are being completed by the City of Marquette as the fall semester gets underway. Two roundabouts are being constructed at Presque Isle/Fair Avenues and Wright Street/Tracy-Sugarloaf, resulting in road intersection closures and detours. In addition, utility mains are being replaced along Wright Street near the armory. Expect delays and rerouting.

Pedestrians are urged to avoid potential hazards by not crossing the construction site at Wright Street to access the Jacobetti Complex or Public Safety in the Services Building. The marked pedestrian crossing will be at Neidhart Street east of the Woodland Park apartments.

The Wildcat Shuttle will be running the first day of class. A schedule will be posted by the end of this week, including routes to both the Sports Complex and the Jacobetti Complex.

A map of the projects and detour routes accompanies this story (click to enlarge). As detour routes change, updates will be provided. Thank you for your patience during the roundabout construction.

Kristi Evans
News Director

City Detour Map