Griewahn Named a Top-10 A/C and Refrigeration Instructor

Friday 25, 2017

Nick Griewahn, a Technology and Occupational Sciences professor at Northern Michigan University, is one of the top 10 air conditioning and refrigeration instructors in the nation, according to Griewahn teaches courses such as principles of air delivery systems and advanced commercial refrigeration systems. He is a certified commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration educator, holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees and earned both EPA and North American Technician Excellence certifications. He is particularly interested in conservation, particularly related to refrigeration and alternative refrigerant solutions. is owned and operated by Sechel Ventures, which provide informative content that addresses specific educational questions in fields with good to excellent career outlooks. The website indicates HVAC technicians and HVAC-R specialists have a projected outlook for 2012-2022 that is nearly twice as good (21% growth versus 11% growth) as the outlook for other types of technicians.

In its introduction to the top instructors list, wrote: “Specialists in A/C and refrigeration can work as a contractor or for an established company. Technicians with solid troubleshooting skills and knowledge of computers and electronics may find better job opportunities since they should know how to work on newer systems, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interest in energy efficiency continues to grow as new federal and state mandates are passed to promote conservation and cost savings, and this is true in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration as elsewhere. In fact, several of the top A/C & refrigeration instructors on our list have an interest in green technologies."

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Kristi Evans
News Director