Beaumier Center Screens 'Québékosie' Documentary

Thursday 28, 2017

The Beaumier Center will host a showing of the documentary Québékosie as part of the CineArts Independent Film Series. This free event will take place at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 6, at the Peter White Public Library.

Québékosie takes place in Quebec, Canada. Melanie Carrier and Oliver Higgins decided to cycle the north shore of Quebec to try to better understand the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Their encounters include a surprising tale of an Innu man in search of his ancestors in Normandy and the heart-wrenching story of the sister of Corporal Marcel Lemay, who was killed during the 1990 Oka crisis.

Attendees are welcome to bring their own dinner, with hot tea and cold water provided by the Peter White Public Library. 

Doug Lindblom
Student Writer