'Zamposium' at NMU Thursday

Wednesday 29, 2017

Eighteen Northern Michigan University students who participated in a field studies course in Zambia will host a "Zamposium" from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30, in the second-floor atrium of the New Science Facility. They will share food, artifacts, research posters, photos, music and more related to their experiences abroad.

The summer field studies class included four days of science history in London and 24 days of life in Zambia—from national parks to game preserves to remote villages. The NMU “Zambassadors” conducted field research of their own design while accompanied by biology professor Alec Lindsay and local guides. Research topics ranged from foraging behavior of mixed-species flocks of birds to dung beetle habitat preferences to elephant trunk-use behavior. 


Doug Lindblom
Student Writer