NMU Offers Citizenship Minor

Friday 1, 2017

Northern Michigan University now offers a citizenship studies minor designed to provide students with a multifaceted understanding of citizenship in the United States. NMU history professor Alan Willis said it is the first of its kind in Michigan.

The interdisciplinary program spans the fields of history, political science and philosophy. Students will explore the nation’s history, governmental and legal structures and population diversity. Course offerings include American government, social and political philosophy, U.S. immigration history, legal ethics and women and U.S. politics.

The minor provides new avenues of civic engagement for students enrolled in NMU’s Superior Edge program.

“Together, the minor and the edge offer Northern students a unique program for both studying and engaging in their roles as citizens,” said Willis. “This new minor will enhance the University mission to promote productive citizenship among students and create the base for a lifetime of productive citizenship among the alumni.”

Email the history department at history@nmu.edu for details about the program. 

Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer