Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center Seeks Immigrant Stories

Friday 1, 2017

The Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center at Northern Michigan University received an $11,000 grant from the Michigan Humanities Council to support an upcoming exhibition titled “The Immigrant Experience.” Now the center is inviting any U.P. immigrants to the United States to share information about their experiences for the exhibit. Those who wish to participate will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire.

The multimedia exhibition that opens in April will attempt to paint a picture of the immigrant experience, using the Upper Peninsula as a canvas. It will span from the European settlers of the late 19th century to the individuals and families arriving to make the Upper Peninsula their home today.

The exhibit will explore the commonalities in experience shared by all immigrants, regardless of era. Its goal will be for visitors to gain a greater appreciation for the region’s ethnic diversity through the stories featured. There will also be an interactive component, gathering real-time data from visitors about their own families’ immigration experiences for comparison purposes.

To complete a questionnaire or learn more about the exhibition, contact the center at 227-3212 or

The mission of the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center is to promote and preserve the history and culture of the Upper Peninsula through an slate of exhibitions and public programs for the entire region. The center also collects and preserves artifacts related to the history of NMU. It maintains a gallery in Gries Hall and several other displays across campus.

Kristi Evans
News Director