Marquette Among Safest College Towns

Wednesday 3, 2018

Northern Michigan University’s home base of Marquette is the 2nd safest college town in Michigan and the 19th safest in America, according to ranking released by The SafeWise Report.

SafeWise security experts evaluated the most recent FBI crime statistics from 2015, calculated the total number of crimes committed in each city with at least one accredited institution of higher learning, then weighed those numbers in relation to population and other factors. They coupled that data with their own research on safety-related programs and initiatives, culminating in 2017’s “30 Safest College Towns in America.”

The Marquette description on the SafeWise website reads: “The Marquette City Police Department has a youth services bureau that provides educational programs about everything from bicycle safety to youth violence prevention. Working in conjunction with Northern Michigan University’s Department of Public Safety and the County Sheriff’s Department, crime is held to a minimum in this Upper Peninsula city. Marquette averaged 2.10 violent crimes per 1,000 residents in 2015, and property crime was just 12.81 per 1,000. In addition, the city reported a total of forty-five violent crimes, and there were zero counts of arson and murder.”

SafeWise is a home security and safety resource committed to increasing safety education, awareness, and preparedness in American communities. 

Kristi Evans
News Director