Governor's Budget Includes Higher Ed Increase

Wednesday 7, 2018

Gov. Rick Snyder’s fiscal year 2019 executive budget released Wednesday includes an overall appropriations increase of 2 percent, or $29.9 million, for Michigan’s public universities. The tuition cap required to qualify for “performance funding” is 3.8 percent or $490, whichever is higher. Under the governor’s plan, Northern Michigan University would receive a 1.8 percent increase: $47,137,400 for operations and $867,000 in performance funding. 

“This is only the first step in the state’s budget cycle, but we are encouraged by the governor’s proposed investment in higher education,” said Gavin Leach, NMU vice president for finance and administration. “With other budgetary issues and priorities to address in the state, we appreciate the governor’s commitment to Michigan’s universities and his recognition that they can drive positive change.”

Funding increases for individual universities within the governor’s executive budget range from 1.5 percent for Lake State University to 3.1 percent for Oakland University.

"We thank the governor for his efforts to increase funding for Michigan's 15 public universities," said NMU President Fritz Erickson. "Northern's budget is made up of primarily two sources: appropriations and tuition. Increased state support helps us manage rising operational costs without putting all of the burden on tuition, and that's good for students and their families."

Link to the Governor’s budget here.

Derek Hall
Chief Marketing Officer