MA Candidates Present Theses

Wednesday 18, 2018

Candidates for Northern Michigan University’s Master of Arts in English program will read their thesis projects on Sunday, April 29, at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. The event will be structured into two sessions from 3-5 p.m. and 6-8:30 p.m., respectively. This free event is hosted by the NMU Department of English.

Session I will feature assessments of literature. Here are the students and the titles of their presentations: Caytie Maurer, “Healing Through Humility: An Examination of St. Augustine’s Confessions;” William Nyfeler, “‘Presume Not That I am the Thing I Was’: Staging Disability and Othering the Disabled in Early Modern England;” Kim Rosewall, “Closing Reading and Critical Theory;” and Adam Uhrig, “Empathy Regulation in Medical Narratives.”

In Session II, the following students will read original writings: Ollie Mae Bartlett, “If I Put Words In the Right Order They Become True;” Jacob Hall, “The Wrong Side of Yesterday;” John LaPine, “An Unstable Container;” Tianli Kilpatrick, “The Immortal Jellyfish, and Other Things That Don’t Know About Love;” and Anne Okonowski, “Lonely this Side of Nowhere.”

Doug Lindblom
Student Writer