Spooner Research Grants Awarded

Monday 23, 2018

Three Northern Michigan University students have been awarded the Charles C. Spooner Student Research Grant for fall 2018. They will receive $500 to support their research or creative activities.

Eligible recipients for the Spooner grant must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, provide evidence of commitment from a faculty member to serve as the project adviser and have the endorsement from their academic department. 

Listed below are the grant recipients and project titles:

Mindie Clark, School of Health and Human Performance, “Hip and Knee Compensatory Mechanics in Individuals with Transtibial Amputation during Stair Descent and Directional Task.”

Thorton Ritz, Biology, “Developmental Differences in River and Lake Origin Burbot in the Southern Lake Superior Watershed.”

Taylor Susa, Psychological Science, “Multimodal neuroimaging of concussion in collegiate athletes: A combined fMRI, sMRI, and NIRS study.”  

Doug Lindblom
Student Writer