NMU Employees, Teams Honored

Monday 23, 2018

Northern Michigan University employees were honored for years-of-service milestones and retirement at the recent faculty and staff recognition luncheon. Distinguished Team and Excellence in Service Awards also were presented.

Distinguished Team Award recipients were:

Forensic Anthropology Program and Forensic Research Outdoor Station (FROST): The development of NMU’s new forensic anthropology program and FROST was honored for demonstrating Northern’s core values and strategic plan. FROST is one of eight facilities in the world to study human decomposition and it is the only one in the world located in a cold-weather climate, which helped NMU earn global recognition as an emerging forensic leader. The new anthropology academic program attracts new potential students and provides an opportunity to involve many students from various academic programs. The FROST team was made up of members of a wide range of departments who successfully collaborated. Team members with President Fritz Erickson are (front left to right): Scott Demel, Kerri Schuiling, Jane Wankmiller, Jim Thams; (back L to R): Mike Bath, Alan McEvoy, Dave Bammert and Michael Harrington. Not Pictured: Deanna Hemmila, Dale Kapla, Charlie Mesloh and Beth Roberts.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry: The Medicinal Plant Chemistry program has earned global recognition and garnered hundreds of admissions inquires and applications for NMU. The program offers a very distinct opportunity for NMU students who pursue the degree to get a credential that isn't available anywhere else. The program is helping NMU make connections and establish partnerships with laboratories it has never had access to before for internships and potential graduate employment. Medicinal Plant Chemistry team members pictured with Erickson are Mark Paulson (left) and Rob Winn.

Starfish Implementation: Starfish is a communication platform that provides an easy interface for students to receive the assistance they need. It centralizes advising resources and allows faculty and staff to provide feedback and to actively engage in helping students succeed. The Starfish system was implemented by this collaborative team of faculty and staff who took time out of their regular schedules to work on this project. Team members pictured with Erickson are (left to right): Kyle Lannon, Jim Gadzinski, Christine Larson, Bill Richards and Allison Erickson. Not pictured: Heidi Blanck, Mary Brundage, Kathy Dawe, Sarah Clarke, Felicia Flack, Mike Kowalczyk and Jim Marquardson.

The Woods Phase Two Transition: When bringing the new residence halls to NMU, this team prepared for and executed a mid-year move of approximately 350 students and all of their belongings. Distinctive features of this move that speaks to the dedication and attention to detail of this team is that roommate/suitemate and house requests were honored and 250 students were moved from West Hall to the opposite end of campus. Team members pictured with Erickson are (front L to R): Kerri Mohr, Rocco Carello, Travis Reamer and Jeff Korpi; (back L to R): Grant Langdon, Alexandra Marshall, Lexi Wieringa and Andrea Hammond. Not pictured: Justine Defever.

Excellence in Service Awards were presented to the following:

Melissa Matuscak Alan (DeVos Art Museum), for her efforts in developing quality exhibitions, student opportunities and public programs, as well as her impact on the community and students.

Mike Bath (Public Safety and Police Services), for his efforts to maintain safety and willingness to partner with other university entities on projects and campaigns, along with his continual work establishing and maintaining local, regional and statewide connections.

Patrice Keskey (Building Maintenance Staff), for her positive impact on NMU’s Hedgcock building and its occupants. She was awarded for being a model employee who goes above and beyond what her job duties entail.

Kerry Mohr (Housing and Residence Life), for her work ethic, attention to detail and contribution to increased enrollment through providing a welcoming and helpful environment for students.

Ann Parent (Center for Student Enrichment), for her communicative efforts to advance the Student Leader Fellowship Program and her mentorship of students.

Deb Pietrangelo (NMU Dining), for her dedication to her job, students and NMU. She was awarded because her organization and consistency in her job performance demonstrates a professional work ethic that she instills in the students and co-workers.

Kelsey Potes (University Marketing and Communications), for her active embodiment of NMU’s core values of rigor, opportunity and community, which was demonstrated by her successful efforts associated with NBC's Rokerthon.

Donald A. Salo (Telecom and Wireless Services), for his application of technical and communication skills in building NMU’s Educational Access Network.


Jill Vermeulen
Student Writer

FROST team

Excellence in Service Award winners with Erickson are (front L to R): Patrice Keskey, Ann Parent, Kelsey Potes and Kerry Mohr; (back L to R) Melissa Matuscak Alan, Mike Bath and Don Salo. Missing: Deb Pietrangelo.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Deb Pietrangelo, Excellence in Service Award recipient

Starfish team

The Woods team