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Whether you crossed Northern's commencement stage last year or decades ago, our faculty, staff and administrators remain committed to serving you. How can we help you continue to engage in lifelong learning, reach the next level of your professional career and remain connected to your alma mater?  We’d love to hear from you.

Send your stories, questions and ideas to music@nmu.edu. Or fill out the Share My Story form to potentially let future students and alumni know what you gained from NMU.

And, drop your former professors a line when you have the time to update them on what’s been happening with you; you can quickly find all their contact information on the faculty directory page.  

As Northern Michigan University and the Music Department strive for continuous improvement, we’d be very interested in knowing what aspects of your NMU education have served you best in your career endeavors and what areas of weakness you had when you entered your professional field.

We also strongly encourage you to keep your alumni information up to date so that we can let you know about what’s happening at NMU. The Alumni Web site has an online update form for your convenience.

We hope to see you back on campus for a visit, but if that’s not possible, stay connected virtually.  Welcome back to NMU!


Chris Charboneau photo

Chris Charboneau '93 BME Live Playlist

Recently retired music teacher Chris Charboneau ’93 BME has posted a video of himself playing a different song on the piano—and frequently singing along—for his Facebook friends during the pandemic. It started with the theme song from the former TV sitcom Taxi. Fueled by the resulting positive feedback, he followed that up with medleys of Journey and Styx songs. “I have always believed that music truly is the universal language. It helps to bring out emotions in all of us, and certain songs are very special to each of us,” said Charboneau, who studied both piano and percussion at NMU. For fellow alumnus Jan Haapala, who was celebrating his 40th birthday, Charboneau did a special arrangement of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, wearing NMU apparel and displaying NMU memorabilia. Watch it here and see Chris’s Facebook timeline for many more songs!