Band at football game

NMU Fight Song & Alma Mater

NMU Fight Song

Wildcats of Northern
We're behind you in this game
We're the Wildcats of Northern
Do your best to win acclaim
You are the pride and joy
Of every person young and old
So do your best
For Northern's glory
Fight for the green and gold


Alma Mater Lyrics

Hail Northern, we thy sons and daughters
Now bring thee tribute long deserved
Thou beacon light 'mid nature's grandeur
Through passing decades well-preserved
Oh, may we labor with untiring zeal
That when these golden days have flown
We may with honor face the future
And match thy courage with our own


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Finale Music Notation Software 

If you need to use Finale for a class, ensemble, or lessons, please visit the NMU HelpDesk - they will be happy to install this software on your NMU laptop.  Please see Dr. Flaherty if you have questions about this software, or if you have any technical issues with this software on your laptop. 

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Music Education Seminars

Music education seminars are held each semester. They include presentations by visiting teachers, explorations of music pedagogy, or exposure to new technology. Music education majors should plan to attend all of these seminars to develop a consciousness of the profession and prepare for an effective career. Attendance at a certain number is required; in the graduating music education portfolio review, students must certify required attendance and active participation.

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Projected Schedule for Intermittent Courses

See schedule through Winter 2025

Student Dates of Interest

See important audition, proficiency, juries, add/drop, exam and commencement dates.

Student Groups

NMU Friends of Jazz is a Northern Michigan University student organization that is dedicated to fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of jazz among NMU students, and in the Marquette community.  To achieve this goal, Friends of Jazz sponsors a variety of events on the NMU campus every year, including lectures, concerts, masterclasses, and jam sessions.  The NMU Jazz Festival is by far the largest event that is sponsored by Friends of Jazz on a yearly basis.

Learn more: contact faculty advisor Dr. Mark Flaherty

Protect Your Hearing

Rehearsing and performing in music ensembles can subject you to high sound levels that can cause permanent damage 
to your hearing. The NMU Music Department and faculty urge you to protect your hearing by wearing appropriate protection
(foam ear plugs are provided in the instrumental rehearsal room TFA252), by avoiding excessive and prolonged exposure
to high sound levels, and by reading the following important advisory document: