Jazz Auditions

Winter 2024 auditions will be conducted in the NMU Band Room (TFA 252) on Wednesday, January 17 from 11am-2pm.  

Please click HERE to sign up for an audition slot.

Audition Requirements

All Instruments
  1. Scales: All 12 major scales (one octave) around the circle of 4ths + a chromatic scale through the range of your instrument.  Scales should be played in eighth notes at a minimum tempo of quarter note=100.  Please play the scales straight (i.e. Don't swing!). In lieu of scales, drummers will be asked to play several different grooves in various tempos. Styles will include (but will not necessarily be limited to) swing, bossa, samba, funk, & different brush techniques.
  2. Prepared Piece: This is your responsibility to provide. It should be no more than 2-3 minutes in length and should demonstrate your ability to perform in a jazz style. Appropriate examples would include a solo transcription, a substantial excerpt of a big band chart, or a jazz etude (such as those found in Jim Snidero's Jazz Conception series). There are also many good audition etudes available online. Choose something that you are comfortable performing and that you believe shows off your playing to the best of your ability.
  3. Sight Reading and Improvisation: A short excerpt will be provided at the audition.

You will be expected to perform a jazz standard of your own choice (be prepared to sing this piece both on your own and/or with accompaniment - I will provide a recorded accompaniment).  You will also be asked to improvise (scat) for one chorus of a 12-bar blues (with recorded accompaniment).