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Class Standing

Students at Northern Michigan University are classified according to the number of credit hours earned at the 100 level or above. 080 and 090 courses do not count toward class standing and are not calculated in the grade point average of students in baccalaureate programs.

Freshman 01-27 credit hours
Sophomore 28-55 credit hours
Junior 56-87 credit hours
Senior 88+ credit hours


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Course Levels

Remedial or developmental courses (000 - 099) do not meet requirements for associate or bachelor degrees, but may meet requirements for vocational diplomas.  Remedial or developmental courses do not count in your cumulative totals for class standing and are not calculated into your Northern Michigan University grade point average.

000-099 Remedial or developmental
100-299 Freshmen and Sophomores
300-499* Juniors and Seniors
500-999 Graduate level

*Some 400 level courses are available for graduate-level credit.