2019 Winter commencement

Registering for Graduation

If you plan to graduate (certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree) at the end of the semester, you must register for graduation so a final degree audit can be completed to verify your eligibility. Register just as you would for a class. The graduation registration numbers are listed in the schedule of courses under "CA". The deadline for registering for  graduation is the first Thursday of the semester at 5 pm.

Note: A $40 graduation fee is assessed at the time of registration.

Don’t forget your cap and gown...

If you are participating in the graduation ceremony, commencement caps and gowns are available through the NMU Bookstore. For additional information, go to

Register after the deadline?

Students can apply for graduation after the deadline for the current semester only by filling out a Graduation, Request to Add form.  After the form is turned in to the Registrar's Office, a final audit will be produced to see if the student qualifies for graduation.  If so, the Registrar's Office staff will register the student for graduation.