Withdrawal by Instructor for Non-Attendance

At the discretion of individual departments and/or instructors, students who have not attended through the first four days of the semester (or its equivalent) of a class and who have failed to contact the instructor may be dropped from the class roster. This must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by Tuesday of the second week of the semester. Since this is an optional action on the part of departments, students who wish to drop a class should do so themselves.

Drop/Withdrawal Procedure

Students wishing to drop a course should contact the Student Service Center, 2201 C.B. Hedgcock, 906-227-1221, for processing. No instructor signatures are required. See Add/Drop Procedures.

Procedure for Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students who decide to leave Northern Michigan University without finishing the semester for which they are currently enrolled must complete a Notice of Withdrawal Form at the Dean of Students Office, 2001 C. B. Hedgcock. Students may also fax withdrawal requests to the Dean of Student's Office at 906-227-1714. Following the proper withdrawal procedures ensures (1) that the maximum allowable proportion of fees due to the student will be refunded, (2) that the appropriate grades will be recorded on the student's transcript, and (3) that the individual's records will be properly maintained in the event of future enrollment at Northern Michigan University or transfer to another university or college. Students who withdraw from the university should also contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact on financial aid for the semester.  Financial Aid Return to Title IV Policy  Students who withdraw from the university after 5 p.m. on Friday of the tenth week of classes will receive a final grade based on the requirements of the course and the quality and amount of work completed in the course. In extreme cases exceptions to this policy may be made with the written approval of the Dean of Students Office. For more information about withdrawing from the university, contact the Dean of Students Office, 2201 C.B. Hedgcock,  906-227-1700, e-mail dso@nmu.edu.

Fall Semester 2021 Deadlines for Complete Withdrawal

Type of Course

100% Refund

90% Refund

50% Refund

25% Refund

0% W Grades

Full Semester

On or before 1st day of class by 5 pm

Aug 24 – Sept 2

By 5 pm

Sept 3 - Sept 19

By 5 pm

Sept 20 - Oct 17

By 5 pm

Oct 18 – Oct 29

By 5 pm

First Block

On or before 1st day of class by 5 pm

Aug. 24 – Aug 28

By 5 pm

Aug 29 – Sept 5

By 5 pm

Sept 6 - Sept 19

By 5 pm

Sept 20 – Sep 24

By 5 pm

Second Block

On or before 1st day of class by 5 pm

Oct 12 - Oct 16

By 5 pm

Oct 17 - Oct 24

By 5 pm

Oct 25 - Nov 7

By 5 pm

Nov 8 – Nov 12

By 5 pm


If the last day to withdraw during a period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the period will be extended to the following Monday.

NOTE: For weekend, extension, and courses scheduled to meet during non-conforming dates, please contact the Student Service Center, C.B. Hedgcock, Room 2201, 906-227-1221, for drop, refund and withdrawal deadlines.

If you completely withdraw, return your laptop immediately to Micro Repair, 114 Learning Resources Center or the NMU Police Department if the Micro Repair is closed.


Withdrawal from All Courses: Withdrawing from all courses.

Dropping a Course to Reduce Course Load: Reducing enrollment course load by dropping a course(s) but remaining in at least one other course.

"W" Grade: A grade of "W" (Withdrawal) is placed on the NMU transcript when a student officially withdraws from a course. Courses graded with a "W" are included in attempted hours but not included in the computation of the NMU GPA.