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University Communications

Every enrolled student automatically receives a university computer account, which provides access to instructional files and software, e-mail, free dial-in access from off campus and other resources. Students are required to maintain this account, which will be used by the university to send time-critical information to students. Northern Michigan University will use a student’s NMU e-mail account as its primary means of communicating official university business, including legally required information.

Computer Password Lookup Information

Wondering how to find your (e-mail) user ID and password?

If you are a new user, go to and select New User Page, follow the prompts to set your password.

If you know your user ID but have forgotten your password, go to and select I Lost my Password, follow the prompts to set a new password.

Students who are having computer problems they can't resolve can stop by the Help Desk with a picture ID, 116 Learning Resource Center, 906-227-1230 or 906-227-2468.

User ID (Jack Frost = jfrost)
jfrost is Jack's User ID