Most courses may be repeated, with some exceptions: A student will not be allowed to repeat OC 080 General Mathematics or EN 080 Reading and Writing without approval of the department head. Students who fail such courses may be directed to other means of improving their skills (e.g. computerized instruction or community school's instruction) and must re-take the appropriate NMU placement exam (i.e. math or English) before proceeding to MA 090, EN 090 or a higher level math or English course. Students who fail an NMU class two times must wait for one semester during the academic year prior to enrolling for a third time and must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department offering the course that the factor(s) causing consistent failure was addressed and resolved.

When a course is repeated, credit is only granted once. The last grade and credit hours for a repeated course are used for computing a student’s grade point average and for awarding credit hours applicable toward a degree or certificate, even if the last grade and/or credit hours is lower than the previous grade and credit hours. However, a grade of “W” (withdrawal, no credit) will not replace a previous grade or credit hours for a course.

Students who wish to repeat an NMU course at another college or university must receive permission from Evaluation Services prior to enrollment. See Transfer Credit Policy for NMU students in this section of the bulletin.

Under special circumstances a student may petition to repeat a lower level course with a higher level course (e.g., EC 101 with EC 201). Written permission from the appropriate department head must be sent to the  Records Office before the student enrolls in the course.

To ensure the proper recording of repeated courses on a transcript, students must notify the Registrar's Office of the repeat by email at The Registrar's Office is located in 2202 C.B. Hedgcock, 906-227-2278.