Welcome to NMU’s Technology and Occupational Sciences Department. Our department is unique in that we offer a full complement of programs and courses of study, ranging from diploma and certificate to associate and baccalaureate degrees. Many of our programs are designed to “ladder,” which means a student may elect a two-year associate degree and upon graduation decide to either enter the workforce or apply all of the credits of the two-year degree to a four-year baccalaureate degree and continue their education.

We also work closely with industry and businesses to provide many hands-on opportunities and internships. Some of the internships are with companies that have business operations across the nation.

We have many student organizations in our department that provide opportunities for scholarships, camaraderie and off-campus educational experiences.

Please contact us with any questions.

—Steve VandenAvond, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Extended Learning and Community Engagement and Dean, College of Technology and Occupational Sciences

Steve VandenAvond