Get involved!

Northern Michigan University has nearly 300 student organizations, so there’s something for everyone’s interest. If there’s not, you can start your own organization. Find out how by contacting the Center for Student Enrichment.

For a current listing of student organizations, visit The Hub.

Technology & Occupational Sciences Student Organizations 

Indoor Agriculture Club

The IA Club intends to educate through informational activities, field trips, and open discussion. The IA Club will allow members the opportunity to work with leading industry technology. Members can volunteer to work with the high tech shipping container lab at Jacobetti.

The club may conduct research in areas related to agriculture, plant physiology, controlled environment systems, and more. Indoor Agriculture Club members can help bring awareness to food shortages/deserts and other agricultural issues. 

Hospitality Club

The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for future hospitality leaders to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in professional development, to address the current and future needs within the hospitality and tourism industry, and to promote better relations between all communities; local, national and worldwide, through a framework of service, leadership, and teamwork.