2022 Women in Construction Career Exploration Events

The Northern Michigan University Construction Management program is pleased to announce the NMU Women in Construction Day, a one-day event presented by female professionals in the construction industry. This exciting hands-on career exploration event offers high school students a unique opportunity to discover and experience options that are traditionally viewed as male-oriented. NMU Women in Construction Day is free of charge, limited to 100 participants and is open to all genders.

The construction industry has one of the smallest gender wage gaps (91.3%) between women and men, yet women account for only 9.9% of its workforce according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report. NMU Women in Construction Day is designed to allow students to interact with females in the industry to learn more about their story of how they came to this career.

Students will complete projects in a safe and well-supervised environment in the areas such as graphic technology, woodworking, leadership, trade opportunities and/or welding. Throughout the day, they will learn from, and interact with, dynamic women working in these areas who are volunteering their time.

Upcoming Events


Addison IL

Addison, IL- September 30, 2022


Twin Cities, MN

Twin Cities, MN- November 4, 2022

Past Events

Dupage 2019

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  • 88 Attendees
  • 45 volunteers
  • 4 Stations: Welding, Virtual Reality, Woodworking and Urban Planning


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Women in Construction Day at NMU

What Makes a Wildcat with construction management faculty member, Heidi Blanck

Women in construction data results