Snowy Campus


INITIATED: October, 1986
APPROVED: October, 1986
REVISED:   September 23, 2009

Northern Michigan University is a public trust, and is committed to fulfilling all its obligations faithfully. University policy is that the Marquette campus will operate as scheduled: classes will be held, offices will be open, and services will be performed.  It is recognized, however, that under certain extreme weather conditions, students and/or staff  members cannot and should not attempt to come to campus; this is a decision which must ultimately be made by each individual, regardless of the reason.

The University will cancel classes, close offices, or curtail services only under the most severe weather conditions.

In the event that it is necessary to cancel classes, close offices, or curtail services, the local media will be informed, and periodic announcements will be made on area radio and television stations. The official source of closure information at NMU is the Office of Public Safety and Police Services, 227-2151. University officials will make every effort to see that closure announcements come as early as possible, so that those who must drive to campus can make appropriate plans. Due to the uniqueness of University operations, it is quite possible that the University will remain open on days when the public schools in the area have been closed. A large number of students live on campus, and these students are dependent upon food services, the heating plant, and Public Safety, regardless of weather conditions. The University will continue to provide these essential services, and in addition, every effort will be made to keep the PEIF building open.

Extension credit courses have several unique circumstances related to Upper Peninsula weather conditions, i.e., travel problems for NMU instructors or closure of public school facilities used for extension courses.  Under certain extreme weather conditions, students and/or staff members should not attempt to attend an extension class; the decision must be made by each individual (as stated above).  If an instructor cannot travel to the class location or if the facility is closed, the Department of Continuing Education will cancel the class.  Class cancellations will be posted on the Continuing Education Department Website.

Regardless of any official action taken, or not taken, by the University, reasonable judgment should be considered regarding your own safety.


To provide guidelines in the cancellation of classes and/or closure of the University due to inclement weather.


All faculty, staff and students



Initiating Department/Division

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs