The Path to Success is a Winding Road!

Often as students, we think we have to decide on a major and know exactly what career path we need to follow. But more often than not, the path to success is a crooked road with many unexpected twists and turns. However, you've come to the right place! An education at NMU can prepare you for the unexpected, for the surprises, for the twists and turns. And ultimately, we all end up right where we are supposed to be, and each unique journey of an NMU graduate is one to celebrate.

What better way to find out where an NMU degree can lead you than by hearing from alumni themselves? Explore the stories below to help you find your own journey.


Steven Donley: NMU Business Graduate

College of Business Grad -> COO

Steven Donley '16 BS, '18 MBA started his higher education journey thinking he would enter a pre-med program in hopes of taking over his grandfather's dentistry practice. Now, he's the COO of Eco Smart Home Pros, a technology company helping people in the U.P. and beyond live a more sustainable life.

Find out how NMU helped him achieve his vision.


Mylan Murphy: Entertainment and Sports Promotion Graduate

Althete -> TikTok Influencer

Mylan Murphy '12 BS, '14 MA always knew he wanted to build his own brand and have his passion for sports shine through in whatever he did. But did he ever see himself as a 'TikTok star'? He says, "Absoultely Not!"

Read how his DIY career took him from athlete to #TikTok star.


Megan Persons: School of Education Graduate

Educator -> LGBTQIA+ Advocate

Megan Persons '12 BS uses her degree in education to help students, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community, learn how to challenge themselves and how to truly be themselves. As an enrollment equity coordinator, her job is to ensure all students have equitable access to safe, inclusive learning environments.

Find out how she was given countless opportunities to be a leader at NMU.


Alexa Alagon: Outdoor Recreation Management and Leadership Graduate

Outdoor Rec Grad -> Equity and Community Engagement

For Alexa Alagon '17 BS, her journey at NMU in the Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management program led her to work in outdoor equity and community engagement. "I came to the realization that whatever is missing from the community you are part of, be the one to build the bridge and welcome others over because there are always individuals seeking that connection who just don’t know where to begin."

Read more about how she creates intentional spaces in outdoor experiences for all families to enjoy.