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About the Career

This field provides a wide range of choices for career paths. You could work for the power industry on systems that run thousands of volts and power the entire country. Or work for a company such as Intel that makes the chips that power laptops, tablets and phones on only one to two volts. Or lead the way with alternative energy. Locally, you might work for Cliff’s Natural Resources, Eagle Mine or Potlatch. There is a multitude of opportunities within these areas and many others, from field service to manufacturing.

What you'll learn
  • Get a strong background in AC and DC circuit analysis, analog and digital electronics
  • Knowledge of industrial machines, controls, and systems
  • Experience with programmable controllers (PLC’s) and process control systems
  • Embedded system/microcontroller programming and design
  • Testing and data acquisition processes and techniques
Students at Solar Farm

Solar installers and wind turbine technicians are the two of the top 3 fastest growing jobs in the U.S.

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Electrical Engineer

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NMU Programs

Electrical technology associate degree - 2 years

Electrical Technology
Choose from a concentration in:

  • Electrical Power Technician. Jobs: electrical utility field - a very high demand career field with excellent compensation.
  • General Electronics. Jobs: customize your studies to meet your interests and career goals, whether it’s making electric guitars or working with alternative energy.
  • Industrial Electrical. Jobs: paper mills to manufacturing facilities installing, maintaining or repairing industrial electrical equipment and machines.

Electrical engineering technology bachelor’s degree - 4 years

Electrical Engineering Technology
Jobs: In a variety of fields including product design, prototyping, testing, automation/robotics, computers, instrumentation and maintenance.

Contact Information

Mike Rudisill
Department Head & Professor