Master's Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Gain the skills and confidence to become an ethical, creative leader. You will learn how to invent, transform and inspire by working with real companies. You will solve actual problems and add value through analysis, innovation, and planning.

MBA | 4 + 1 program

In this program, you'll complete your Accounting Bachelor's degree and Master of Business Administration degree in just five years. 

MBA | Data Analytics Concentration

This program will give you the skills and confidence to become an ethical, creative leader. This program is an MBA with a concentration in data analytics. You will solve actual problems and add value through analysis, innovation, and planning with a concentration on data analytics.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

The bachelor's degree program in the College of Business at Northern Michigan University is a vibrant and engaging program that prepares our graduates for the business world. Our students receive personalized support and over 90 percent of our classes are taught by full-time faculty.

The College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), which has accredited fewer than 5 percent of business schools worldwide. Click on the AACSB logo to view a video about our accreditation.

AACSB logoAccounting

Applied Management

Business Analytics and Information Systems


Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Information Assurance and Cyber Defense



Public Relations

Risk Management & Insurance

Ski Area Business Management

Sustainable Business and Enterprise Creation

Associate Degree Programs

The associate degree program in the College of Business is designed to help students get the education they are looking for in a two-year program so that they can enter the workforce quickly. Below are the Associate programs offered.

Cyber Defense
General Business
Information Systems

Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degrees

The College of Business offers collaborates with other academic departments at NMU to offer a variety of interdisciplinary majors. 

Medicinal Plant Chemistry - Entrepreneurial track
Primary department: Chemistry 

Music and Fine Arts Management
Primary department: Music

Social Media Design Management
Primary department: School of Art and Design

Health and Fitness Management
Primary department: School of Health and Human Performance

NMU cybersecurity program

At the College of Business, instruction goes beyond professors' lectures and textbook readings; it extends to actual, active, hands-on learning opportunities that enable students to apply classroom learning to real-world situations. Students learn best through the transforming power of experience; the learning lasts and students are better prepared for the world of work.

Experiential and Active Learning

NMU College of Business Curriculum

Each major in the College of Business must complete what's known as the Business Core. These classes are designed to give our graduates a solid foundation in all things business. The following courses comprise our business core and make up a total of 32 credits for each College of Business major: 

ACT 230 Principles of Accounting I (4 cr.)
ACT 240 Principles of Accounting II (4 cr.)
FIN 351 Management of Financial Resources (4 cr.)
MGT 221 Business Law I: Legal Environment of Business (4 cr.)
MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management (4 cr.)
MGT 325 Operations Management (4 cr.)
MGT 344 Managerial Communications (4 cr.)
MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing (4 cr.)

Minoring in Business

At Northern Michigan University, we want you to look to your passions to live the life of your dreams. For several students, that passion is in art, music, or athletic training, however the College of Business offers a wide variety of excellent minors to help you meet your goals. Graduating with a degree in Art & Design or Criminal Justice, coupled with a business minor demonstrates your preparation and versatility in a business-based world.

If you haven't thought about a business minor, you may want to consider how our economy is closely tied to a society that ebbs and flows at the mercy of such things like stock markets and purchasing power. A business minor paired with your non-business major provides you with a  competitive edge as you enter the workforce.

NMU's College of Business is currently offering the following minors:



Business Administration

Business Foundations (MBA Prep)


Information Assurance/Cyber Defense

International Business




Study with NMU's College of Business from Anywhere


Whether you're looking to study with NMU's College of Business from your hometown or would like to take your education abroad, we have you covered. 

Online Education

NMU's College of Business offers many of its courses through online instruction. Some are taught in an asynchronous fashion, meaning that there is no set class time each week. Others are taught in a synchronous manner, allowing students to participate in real-time instruction from anywhere through the use of technologies such as Zoom. 


International Education

Understanding the world around you and your role in it will make you a stronger job candidate when you graduate from Northern Michigan University, but more importantly, it will make you a better world citizen. The College of Business offers its students on- and off-campus opportunities to explore the global business environment. 

On-Campus Courses

International Financial Management
International Business Seminar
International Business
International Marketing

Study Abroad

Northern Michigan University has establish several study abroad partnerships with campuses around the world. These include locations in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and more. 

To learn more about making arrangements to study abroad, please visit International Programs.