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The NMU College of Business has two different options for students looking to explore an education in public relations: 

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Minor

Where a Public Relations Degree Can Take You

Graduates in Public Relations can work in a variety of private and public fields. They act as advocates for businesses, governments, universities, hospitals and other organizations. No matter where Public Relations graduates work, their main goal is to strive to build and maintain positive relationships with the public in communities they work in. 

Overall, the field is growing faster than average, expanding at an 18% rate. Common careers for PR graduates include campaign director, publicity manager, press agent, advertising/marketing specialist, engagement manager, and more.

PR faculty member and student meeting

“My time at NMU has given me a skill set and confidence to step into this new role. Because I’ve been able to find things that interest me, like working for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center, conducting my own research, working in the marketing department for NMU, I’ve learned the value of confidence and flexibility that will carry me through to my next position, with the federal government.”

Allison Opheim

Public Relation Graduate

Program Major

The Public Relations major at Northern Michigan University prepares students for careers in Public Relations, acting as advocates for businesses to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. The major is designed to meet the Public Relations Society of America's Guidelines for Undergraduate Education. It teaches the kind of research, writing, planning, and budgeting skills that students need to succeed in the job market.

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Program Minor

This minor is a professional program based off of the Public Relations Society of America’s Guidelines for Undergraduate Education. It teaches research, writing, and strategy skills that students need to succeed in private and public sector careers. Throughout the curriculum, students will work on client-based PR projects that help contribute to a professional portfolio of their work.

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Public relations is a great career path for those who enjoy communicating with others, being creative, and thinking analytically. In NMU's curriculum, students will gain valuable hands-on experience in their career field while learning from a team of highly respected faculty.

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