Academic Programs

The NMU College of Business has two different options for students looking to explore an education in management: 

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Minor

Where A Management Degree Can Take You

A manager is trained to apply his//her analytical skills to the problems facing institutions and businesses while developing an understanding of today's world. The career possibilities available to a management major are therefore vast. The career you choose will depend on the competencies and skills you acquire through your academic work and extracurricular activities.

Positions include job titles such as management consultant, quality control manager, director of planning and employee relations manager.

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In addition to great classroom instruction, NMU management students have opportunities to get involved in real-world work through internships, on-campus employment and class projects.

Program Major

This program’s objectives are to provide a theoretical base as well as the working applications of management; the ability to critically evaluate managerial actions; and the ability to apply managerial decision-making skills to future situations. Leaders with an appreciation for the forces active in complex organization, worker effectiveness and operating efficiencies are the foundation of any successful enterprise

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Program Minor

The field of management focuses on working with people, both individually and in groups, to meet an organization's goals. A minor in management tells employers that you have an understanding of how people function in the work environment as well as the issues that may affect organizational effectiveness.

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Management is a great career path for those who enjoy communicating with others, leading groups and thinking analytically. In NMU's curriculum, students will gain valuable hands-on experience in their career field while learning from a team of highly respected faculty.

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