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About the career

Graduates from the Food Service Operations and Hospitality Leadership program have a wide variety of career options, which include restaurants, institutional food services, educational institutions, hospitals, hotel and lodging operations, nursing and personal care facilities, catering services, and sales.

What you'll learn

Students enrolled in the Food Service Operations and Hospitality Leadership program are educated in the operating functions, management and leadership of a variety of industry establishments related to food service and tourism. Advanced management skills are a highlight of our program and are learned in both the traditional classroom and through the hands-on operation of our student-run restaurant operations. 

NMU Degrees

Food Service Operations

Associate of Applied Science, two years

Provides a hands-on foundation of the skills needed for entry-level positions in the food and beverage industry. With an emphasis on all functions of successful restaurant operations, the program hones students' skills in quantity food production, customer service, purchasing, facilities management, and cost controls while providing industry certification required for all Michigan restaurants to operate. This associate degree ladders into NMU's Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Leadership.

Hospitality Leadership

Bachelor of Science, four years

Integrates theory and practice, providing students opportunities to experience the leadership roles necessary for thriving careers in both the independent and corporate sectors of food service, meetings and events, destination marketing organizations, and more. Key highlights include in-depth concept development, management, leadership theory, personnel administration and trending customer service practices, developing tomorrow's industry leaders. 


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Job Spotlight

Chef or Head Cook

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