Q:  I was admitted into a certificate/associate program.  Do I receive the same support as everyone else?

A: Yes.  Whether you enroll as a certificate, associate, or bachelor degree student, you will receive the same services.  There may be variations, depending on a specific program, but that would all be addressed at Orientation, as well as when you meet with your academic adviser.  You can live in the residence halls, have a meal plan and attend campus activities, just like any other student at the university.


Q:  If I struggle (with anything), what can I do?

A:  Reach out to your academic adviser.  You will meet with your adviser at Orientation and will have continued access to your adviser throughout your time at NMU.  Every student (except those in the Electrical Line Tech program) is assigned an academic adviser from the Academic & Career Advisement Center. This office provides academic support services, as well as free tutoring options for anyone who asks for it.  The staff at NMU really wants to assist every student that comes to Northern and help them continue on a path to success.

Q:  I’ve never welded before or I’ve never worked on a vehicle before.  Can I enter one of these programs, if I have no previous experience/knowledge?

A: Yes.  Every program begins with the basic knowledge needed for the profession. There is no expectation that a student should have previous experience or knowledge. If you took related coursework through High School Career and Technical Education (HSCTE), you could potentially earn advanced placement credit.  Speak to your high school guidance counselor, if this is something you wish to do.