The Financial Aid Office will not automatically recalculate student awards when a change in enrollment occurs after the end of the drop/add period of a semester. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office at when adding courses after the drop/add period that would affect your enrollment level (for example, moving from half to three-quarter time, etc.). We are not able adjust all types of aid after the drop/add period, but will work with students on an individual basis. Students cannot request changes to the Federal Pell Grant and Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant.

We are unable to adjust these grants after the drop/add period, except in special circumstances.  Eligibility for the grants may be affected by schedule changes after the drop/add period for those students in late starting courses or who have had FAFSA information or corrections submitted after the drop/add date.

This policy does not apply to students who withdraw from all courses.  Complete withdrawals from the university are subject to federal, state, and institutional refund policies.