Federal regulations require that institutions provide enrolled and prospective students specific consumer information about financial aid, campus, facilities, student athletes, important resources and disclosures, as well as information to promote campus security and fire safety, and to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.  Because of the nature of federal, state and institution guidelines affecting financial aid programs, the information contained in this website is subject to change.  Paper Copies are available upon request.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Reporting

  1. 30-day reporting Fund Report -Posted 05/21/2020
  2. 45-day reporting Fund Report -Posted 07/08/2020
  3. 45-day reporting Fund Report -Posted 08/20/2020
  4. Quarterly Fund Report - Posted 10/09/2020
  5. Quarterly Fund Report - Posted 1/4/2021
  6. Quarterly Fund Report - Posted 3/31/2021
  7. CRRSAA HEERF II 30-day reporting Fund Report -Posted 6/11/2021
  8. Quarterly Fund Report - Posted 6/30/2021
  9. Quarterly Fund Report (CRRSA & ARP) - Posted 9/30/2021
  10. Quarterly Fund Report (CRRSA & ARP) - Posted 12/31/2021
  11. Quarterly Fund Report (CRRSA & ARP) - Posted 4/7/2022
  12. 6/30/2022 Quarterly Fund Report - 00230100_HEERF_Q22022_071022- Posted 7/11/2022
  13. 10/03/2022 Quarterly Fund Report -00230100_HEERF_Q32022_101022- Posted 10/05/2022
  14. 01/09/2023 Quarterly Fund Report -00230100_HEERF_Q42022_011023 - Posted 01/09/2023
  15.  04/10/2023 Quarterly Fund Report -00230100_HEERF_Q12023_041023 - Posted 04/10/2023

Availability of Information

  1. General Disclosures - Registrar's Update
  2. Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
  3. Clery Act
  4. FERPA Policy
  5. Report of Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data

General Disclosures for Enrolled or Prospective Students

  1. Financial Assistance Available to Students
  2. NMU's Academic Programs
  3. Costs
  4. Net Price Calculator
  5. Withdrawal Procedures and Refunds
  6. Return to Title IV Policy
  7. Accreditation and Licensure
  8. Disability Services
  9. Federal Student Aid and Study Abroad
  10. Copyright
  11. Transfer of Credit Policies
  12. University Contacts
  13. Facilities
  14. Policies, Student
  15. Immunization Policy
  16. Retention
  17. Dissemination, Completion, Graduation
  18. Identity Fraud
  19. Scholarship Fraud

Dissemination Campus Crime and Safety Information

  1. Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report
  2. Clery Act

Equity in Athletics (EADA) Report and Complete Graduation Rates for Athletes

  1. EADA - Equity in Athletics Data Through Wildcat Athletics
  2. Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data
  3. Providing Completion and Graduation Rates for Student-Athletes
    - NCAA Division I Graduation Success Rate Search Page
    - NCAA Division II Academic Success Rate Search Page

Textbook Information

  1. Textbook Search by Course
  2. NMU Bookstore Website

Accountability for Programs That Prepare Teachers

Education Department Program Accreditation

Voter Registration

Information on voting in local, state, and federal elections, including a copy of the Michigan voter registration application form, may be accessed at http://www.mi.gov/sos.

  1. Michigan Voter Registration Information/Directions
  2. Re-Registering/Change of Address Directions
  3. Registration Form (pdf)

Loan Counseling

  1. Entrance Counseling
  2. Providing Borrower Information at Separation - The personal and contact information collected at the time of exit counseling is provided to the student's loan servicer within 60 days because the information is updated by the student at the Studentaid.ed.gov website.
  3. Exit Counseling Follow Up
  4. TEACH Exit Counseling
  5. Counseling for Correspondence or Study Abroad

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information

  1. Information to be included in Drug Prevention Materials for Students
  2. Distribution of Materials and Students and Employees


  1. Institutional Research Internal Sources Common Data Set

Required Information About Private Education Loans

  1. Disclosures Required for Private Education Loans
  2. Use of Institution and Lender Name
  3. Private Student Loan Transparency Statement
  4. Preferred Lender Disclosures and Preferred Lender List - Northern Michigan University is not in a preferred lender arrangement because NMU ensures a list is broad in scope, neutral and comprehensive, none are recommended, and lenders are not paid nor does the third party collect any income.

Consumer Protection Contact

In addition to the university’s internal policy for reporting fraud and other consumer protection violations, NMU follows the federal guideline of providing a state contact where complaints can be filed.  To learn more go to www.nmu.edu/ConsumerProtection.

Department of Education Tier I Compliance Information

See here for more on Department of Education Tier I Compliance Information: https://nmu.edu/financialaid/department-education-tier-i-compliance-information