Are you attending another school at the same time as NMU? If you are, then you are considered to be a “dually enrolled” student and must notify the Financial Aid Office of each school that you are attending. When dually enrolled, you may only receive aid from one school and it will be coordinated and administered according to federal, state and institutional requirements.

Northern Michigan University (NMU) and Bay de Noc Community College (BdNCC) have a special agreement for students who are enrolled at both schools. Northern Michigan University has a similar agreement with Gogebic Community College (GCC). When you notify us of your dual enrollment, we will combine the number of credit hours of enrollment at NMU and BdNCC/GCC for financial aid purposes. If you already have an associate degree or have at least 56 transferable credit hours, NMU will determine your financial aid eligibility. Otherwise, BdNCC/GCC will administer your aid. When you are a full-time student based upon your dual enrollment and NMU is administering your aid, any NMU specific scholarships or grants will be prorated based upon the NMU portion of your total credit hours.